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Road Safety Cartoons

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Road safety education

Road Safety Cartoons

Over the past few years many cartoons have highlighted the problems facing road safety in South Africa. These cartoons tell a story of the hazards on South African roads and can be used effectively to provide further education on road safety statistics as well as advice / tips on how to combat these dangers.

Fred Mouton from “Die Burger Newspaper” has kindly provided some of these drawings - and the development team of will be adding some more of these to the web site for the benefit of the younger generation and educators.

Also view the Cartoons on Taxi’s and Road Safety kindly provided by Mama Taxi [ Deni Brown and Gavin Thompson]

The statistical data used in this section has appeared in the different sections of content elsewhere on the arrive alive web site and especially in the “Crash Book” compiled by the Department of Transport after the compilation of all the accident statistics at the end of 2004.

These cartoons include

Road Safety Fact

Road Safety Hint

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