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Cartoons for Driving Safely on the N3

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Road safety education

n3 comic seatbelt

Not only Drivers but also Passengers must by law be buckled in! We need to emphasize that the back seat is no safer if the passenger is not safely secured.

We plead with adults to ensure that their children are safely buckled in or are effectively strapped in a car seat! Never leave children standing on seats or seated on the lap of a passenger. For more on Seatbelt Safety also view:

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Seatbelt Safety
Child Restraints and Road Safety

On The Road With TeeCee

When Travelling on Holiday

  • Video advising you to drive slow and steady.

Enjoy The Sights

  • Video urging you to enjoy the trip.

Driving When Tired

  • Video urging you not to drive when tired.

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