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Since the launch of the Arrive Alive Website in March 2003 road safety information from the website has been included in a numerous newspapers, magazines and other online media. These publications include some of the following:

Safe Travel Magazine

Real Magazine 

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Imperial Auto Magazine


BBC News

Lig Magazine


Road Matters December 2007

Traffic Focus



onRoute Magazine

Sandton Magazine

Fit Pregnancy

Road Ahead

Business Traveller Africa

Counseling for Different Phases of Life

Glamour Magazine

SA Journal of Child Health

Classic FM

Glamour Magazine


Drum Magazine

Volkswagen Magazine

BHP Billiton Newsletter


Mens Health Magazine

Eagle Canyon Country Club Magazine

Femina Magazine

Crisis Call






Die Burger






Bicycling Magazine


Ubuntu Radio

Sunday Times

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GPS and Road Safety

GPS and Road Safety

Background to GPS What is GPS? The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the only fully functional Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Utilizing a constellation of at least 24 Medium Earth Orbit satellites that transmit precise microwave signals, the system enables a GPS receiver to determine

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Guardrails, Road Barriers and Road Safety

Guardrails, Road Barriers and Road Safety

Introduction During recent years we have often shared road crash reports where road users crashed into guardrails and road barriers. In some incidents, we witnessed rather horrific injuries, and these often create questions regarding these traffic safety systems. How much thought and planning

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Safely Sharing the Roads With Trucks - Avoiding Blind Spots And No-Go Zones

Safely Sharing the Roads With Trucks - Avoiding Blind Spots And No-Go Zones

Front no-go zone Cutting in front of a truck can be a fatal mistake. At 80km/h, it takes the length of about a rugby field (100 metres) for a truck to come to a complete stop. Safety tips: Allow at least one car length for every 16km/h you are travelling before merging in front of a truck. When

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Road Safety Advice for foreigners driving in South Africa

Road Safety Advice for foreigners driving in South Africa

Overview /Background information South Africa has much to offer for international tourists and more and more is done to ensure an enjoyable and safe stay for our international visitors. Tourism authorities in South Africa would like to promote the beauty of tourism destinations across the country

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Overloading and Road Safety

Overloading and Road Safety

Background Overloading has been recognized to be both a safety concern as well as a cost concern, and the National Department of Transport has incorporated a campaign against overloading in its Road to Safety strategy. Economic growth demands an adequate transport infrastructure. Overloaded vehicles,

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Cycling Safety

Cycling Safety

Cycling safety has become a major concern on the South Africa roads as there has been a significant increase in the number of fatal road crashes and accidents involving cyclists. The Road Traffic Management Corporation has disclosed that the road deaths among our cyclists climbed from 320 in 2015

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