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Rules of the Road at 3-way stop street - Ask The Expert

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Rules of the Road at 3-way stop street


I live in a residential area that comprises several townhouse complexes. I walk my dogs every afternoon and have to cross a 3-way stop street to get to the park. No-one stops at the stop street, and most drivers do not even slow down. Thankfully the traffic department had speed bumps erected on the road, and we thought it would be safer to walk our animals. The drivers now slow down for the bumps but speed up, over the stop street, to make up lost time. I stop at the stop street, make sure that no cars are close and then run across with my dogs. But have almost been hit 3 times by cars that speed as they near the stop sign. There are no pedestrian crossings in this area so I can only cross this extremely busy road at the stop. I would like to know what the legislation is regarding this, as no one seems to be sure. I have enquired about this at my local traffic department, and got several different answers. What is my right as a pedestrian at a 3-way stop.


A 3-Way Stop sign is a STOP sign. The rules applicable to stopping are the same as for a Stop sign. The only difference is the sequence in which drivers must move off from the Stop line.

Road sign R1 - STOP sign (Per the Road Traffic Act)
Indicates to the driver of a vehicle that he or she shall stop his or her vehicle with its front end in line with such sign, or if stop line RTM1  is used in conjunction with such sign, immediately behind such stop line, and that such driver shall not proceed until it is safe to do so.

Road sign R1.3 - 3-Way STOP sign (Per the Road Traffic Act)
Indicates to the driver of a vehicle approaching a 3-way stop sign, that he or she shall act as for stop sign R1, and he or she shall not proceed into the junction, until every vehicle which has stopped at any other stop line at such junction before him or her and which would, in the normal course of events, cross the path of such driver's vehicle, has cleared the junction.

Official K53 Driving Test requirement - Intersections: Stop signs
At a 3-way or 4-way stop, yield to pedestrians and vehicles that arrived at the intersection before you.

In plain English...
•    Vehicles must STOP at a 3-way stop. It is a STOP sign.
•    The 3 or 4 supplementary plate means that vehicles must move off only after all other vehicles and pedestrians that arrived at the Stop line before them have moved off. (i.e. move off in the sequence in which they arrived)
•    Vehicles may move off only when it is safe to do so - i.e. no vehicles or pedestrians still crossing in the intersection.



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