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Roadworthiness of the buses


Hi, I am concerned about the roadworthiness of the buses used by schools for transporting children. Considering the high accident rate on our roads, I am particularly concerned about emergency exits as they seem to be blatently missing in most cases. My questions are: Could you confirm that, under current legislation, (1) any bus used for the transportation of school children must have at least one emergency exit for every twelve passengers, (2) that any emergency exit which is a ‘knock-out window’ must comply with the legal definition of a ‘knock-out window’ (3) that any emergency exit provided on the bus must function effectively in case of an accident and (4) all emergency exits must be clearly marked. I would also like to know that if a bus does not comply with current legislation, is it roadworthy and may it legally be used for transporting school children? I look forward to your response. Regards


Yes that is correct. The provisions are part of the National road traffic legislation. The buses are supposed to go through a 6 monthly roadworthy test.



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