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Priority at secondary cross road stop sign - Ask The Expert

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Priority at secondary cross road stop sign


Approaching a secondary cross road stop sign by two cars opposite each other. Which car has priority to enter the priority road or even cross over first?


Moving off from the Stop signs
Neither vehicle has priority over the other in terms of who may move off first. It is not a 3-way or 4-way Stop. The normal rules for a Stop sign apply: Move off only when it is safe to do so.

Moving off and turning right
The rules for turning right at an intersection apply. The vehicle that is intending to turn right must give way to any approaching traffic that is close enough to represent a potential hazard. In other words, both vehicles can move off independently from their respective Stop signs, but the one that is turning must give way to the the approaching (non-turning) vehicle unless it is so far away that it is  nevertheless safe to execute the turn. If there is a crash, the turning vehicle's driver could be liable for unsafely turning across the path of oncoming traffic.



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