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Slow vehicles on our roads


Can our national roads department pass a law that forbids trucks to drive on any other lane but the extreme left lane on all major highways around the major cities e.g. The N1 or N3 that circles JHB. Also to not allow trucks to overtake in these areas. For example on many ocasions one finds trucks breaking down in the middle lanes between Gillooly's interchange and Geldenhuys interchange. Or they will be driving 40 km/h in the middle lane which causes major back-ups and leads to frustration and then eventually reckless driving by motorist wanting to pass these trucks! Can we partition for this! It will save lives! It will saves lives! Pleeeeeease!


The DoT can do such a law – but the likelihood is minimal as there are many problems with that. The problem of trucks in the middle lane as noted is due to the splits in the highways and trucks need to choose direction changes well in advance – are not allowed in by light motor vehicles so move early.

Trucks also need to meet deadlines and thus overtake the very slow vehicles – but the aggravation caused is worrying. The behaviour of other motorists is aptly summed up by the comment from the author. The slow vehicles do not kill vehicles – it’s the attitude of the light vehicles around them.


I wanna see what your reaction is after being stuck behind the same 2 trucks on the R21 north where the highway is clear for kilometers in front of them and you can not pass! Not to mention the stones and dirt they flick onto your car, cracking windscreens and chipping paint off your "not so new anymore" car!!! Put your money where your mouth is ....!



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